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I'm Mardy - or to be specific the MOM behind MUM & MOP CLEANING SERVICES

As a working mother who recognizes the value of maintaining a clean home but lacks the time to do so, I made the decision to create the firm to assist other mothers who bear a similar burden. Being a mother and a professional  with limited time, managing my own home and working for a company was a difficult undertaking. Besides managing two lovely daughters who are now ready to spread their wings I also have a toddler who keeps me on my feet all day long, I also run a moving company. Over a period of time I realized that our customers preferred to deal with a single business for all of their moving and cleaning needs. 

Since our work was interconnected; when we engaged contractors for the cleaning, it was challenging to coordinate with them because we had no control. As a result, we made the decision to start our own cleaning company, where we have complete control over the process and can set our own high standards. Being a mom myself, I am well aware of how difficult it is to run a home single handedly. I wanted to not only help other busy and overworked moms, I also wanted to engage moms and give them an opportunity to  support their own households and bring in that extra income, by helping other moms. No one understands us better than .... well us!!!

That's how Mum and Mop, a terrific combination, came to be!

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